Contemporary Forest Home

Contemporary Forest Home

Our team was engaged to bring our client’s dream home to life from top to bottom, using a BONE structure home that is completely off-grid and self-sustaining. Surrounded by forest, the goal was to create a functional home that brings a contemporary edge while connecting to the natural landscape surrounding it.

Using floor to ceiling windows, natural textures, simple forms, and sustainable materials, this home reflects the energy and environmental consciousness of the homeowners, while celebrating the beauty of nature inside and outside of the home.

One challenge for this project was that our clients were not local; in fact, they both lived in different countries. Most of our communications were through email and phone calls because of this. Physical samples would be photographed, and drawings emailed for review, or they would be held until they were next in the area to be viewed in person. Another constraint was creating a functional layout while working around the BONE structure’s architectural components and window placements. Two key examples of those challenges have creative solutions visible in the kitchen; the range was located under a window so we sourced a unique rangehood that could be suspended from the ceiling without any visual obstructions to the window, and we chose to leave structural cross-braces exposed in front of a large window to add an architectural focal point.

This home celebrates its surrounding environment and the unique  opportunities that an open concept BONE structure home can provide. The natural, yet contemporary, atmosphere throughout this home creates a sense of coziness and relaxation that so many strive for. It’s clean form and subtle textures allow the users to focus on the key elements in front of them – the company they are with, and the environment they are surrounded by.

Would you consider a BONE structure for your future home? Let us know in the comments!

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