Cozy Log Cottage

Cozy Log Cottage

Hay Design was hired to design the main level living spaces, kitchen and master ensuite bathroom for the renovation of an old 2 storey log cottage. The project objectives were to create a more functional, ergonomic and spacious kitchen and design a more useful master ensuite and install a larger shower and vanity area. Maximizing the natural light and view to the waterfront throughout the main level, while maintaining the character of this fine log cottage were also crucial design considerations.

Constraints of the project were with removing a solid concrete and brick fireplace, which ran from the foundation through the roof of the second story. Having to patch and repair the hole from the chimney location was a task. Windows were relocated to provide the best design solution, and we had to ensure the old window locations could be properly patched to blend with the existing log walls. Another challenge was how to install millwork cabinets against the curved log walls, while providing a nice clean finish.

We provided a full range of design services for this project, from design concept and fixture selections to construction drawings and project coordination. The clients were very eager to keep the character of their log cottage, while implementing some vital design updates. We aimed to do exactly that with keeping the majority of the logs exposed, but bringing in some much needed contrast with dark and light cabinetry.

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