Falls Farmhouse Project

Falls Farmhouse Project

For this project, Hay Design had the great pleasure and responsibility of designing a completely new kitchen area in a charming 1800’s farmhouse. The client’s initial intention was to renovate the existing addition to the house, but as we discovered that there was no foundation, the clients had to quickly make the decision to rebuild the entire addition. Hay Design put together detailed interior design concepts, drawing packages for demolition and construction, as well as detailed millwork drawings.

The clients’ main desires were to have a fresh and bright kitchen, and to feature the existing exterior stone inside the addition. Our team proposed a selection of finishes, fixtures and furniture that would bring them a fresh feeling and still display their home’s heritage. The stone exterior was painstaking uncovered from layers of wall paneling, and the newly designed kitchen was installed. Careful consideration was put into the cabinetry design – space to house equipment, tons of storage space and usable counter space were all very important factors. Being mindful of meticulous details allows the users to comfortably complete tasks and navigate around the room in harmony, specific to how they use the space as a family.

As the laundry and the kitchen were sharing the same room in the previous construction, we took the opportunity of a complete rebuild to create a separate mudroom, laundry and powder room within the new footprint. The Hay team designed both the laundry and the powder room, in a way that offers privacy and practicality, and for them flow well in the overall layout of the space.

The construction phase for this project was a unique one, to say the least. The Falls Farmhouse Project started demolition just before Covid-19 appeared and emerged. Thankfully our clients got their permit right before the first lockdown. Patience, understanding, and support were key throughout the construction process, as we navigated a situation that no one had never experienced before. After a few delays, and a great deal of excitement, we are glad to finally be sharing the complete project. We certainly hope that you will feel the freshness, ease, and comfort that we envisioned for this renovation, in the same way that our clients do.

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