New Age Eclectic Project

New Age Eclectic Project

Our New Age Eclectic Project was all about merging different styles and ideas to create a new vision. We enthusiastically took on the challenge to refresh this client’s heritage brick home and adapt it to meet their modern family’s needs.

Our client’s primary concern was the lack of storage throughout the main floor, so we re-imagined and planned the common living areas to maximize storage space. This included the living room, hallway, kitchen, dining area, and eating nook. Unused space behind the stairs was reimagined as a coffee bar, and more functional storage was added in with the addition of new built in cabinetry in the living and dining spaces. A bench seat with top hinges for access, full extension drawers, and adjustable interior shelves were just a few of the solutions incorporated for the family to organize their belongings.

In addition to a proper and suitable storage system, the clients desired for their 750 square foot main floor to feel large. To achieve this, we opted for high contrast in lieu of monochromatic tones, which brought additional depth and dimension to the space. The design intent was to join different styles, finishes, and colours and to highlight the personal style of the clients, all while keeping the overall aesthetic cohesive. This objective helped us to achieve an authentic and refreshing environment, reflective of the client’s identity.

This project was both stimulating and challenging, and like most projects, it came with its own constraints. One of the main challenges was designing around the existing radiators. A few of them needed to be hidden inside the kitchen millwork, while still having adequate ventilation and the ability to transfer heat to the home. To achieve this, a metal mesh detail was incorporated into the shaker doors of some cabinets. This was both a functional element and gave us the opportunity to introduce a unique textural detail to the millwork design.

While this project also took place during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and there were some issues with material delays, we’re glad to finally be sharing this modern eclectic main floor redesign.

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