Cathy Hay

president + principal designer

Cathy Hay is the founder of Hay Design, an industry-leading interior design firm known for the many beautiful and functional spaces it has created.  After practicing design for 16 years, as a Registered Interior Designer, Project Manager, and Energy & Environmental Design Specialist, Cathy established Hay Design in 2004.

As is the case for many women entrepreneurs, those early years featured 80-hour work weeks and the constant juggling of work and family. Today, her team has grown and is well known for its work with commercial clients that include office design, restaurants, retail stores, health clinics, and lobbies and condominiums.

To serve the residential market, in 2015 Cathy added a retail location: a home furnishings and décor boutique and design studio, located in a historic building in downtown Perth that focuses on design and renovation.

In addition to her business, Cathy is known for her more than 20 years of volunteer work for various charities, particularly Habitat for Humanity for which she has led building projects in both northern Canada and impoverished regions around the world.

The company’s slogan — Passionate about people
and their spaces — is a reflection of Cathy’s philosophy that nothing is worth doing unless you feel passionate about it and it helps people.